Spring Cleaning our Space

The time has come! As we get ready for our Office Re/Fresh we all need to seriously de-clutter. And, that means not just neatening up our things and moving them around - but a real purge! I am the first to admit that it is not easy to depart from beloved objects. What I hate to confess though is the amount of useless stuff that has followed me from place to place and desk to desk – stuff that never gets used and just ends up taking up space. Somehow I don’t think I’m alone on that one. Under the guise of cleaning, so many things over the years have ended up in the back of drawers, or in that banker box or two that up until now sat hidden under my desk.  Instead of getting rid of all the accumulated baggage, all my previous attempts at rearranging have fallen far short of actually reducing the piles! Now though, with a little much-needed coaching from the Re/Fresh Team, I tried a new arrangement: the “going home pile”, the “trash pile”, and the “keep pile”. To make it even easier, I realized right away that taking anything home was not an option! I also realized there really isn’t a whole lot that I actually want to or need to keep! So the trash and recycling pile is the winner by far.

What else have I learned? If you haven’t used it then lose it because purging feels good.  Once you have done it, I know you’ll share my feeling of lightness and relief to no longer have all that extra stuff. Banker’s boxes are no more!

There is one other bright side to cleaning out. I was able to unearth an ancient relic of the trade that clearly has not gotten any use or seen the light of day for a LONG time. With my newly unearthed electric eraser (bottom) I was able to win the oldest relic contest! Because of that, I am now completely at ease with letting it go into the trash pile where it belongs.

I have to say, the best part of de-cluttering is the feeling of liberation, more physical space to think, a new beginning, and maybe space for some new objects? It will surely allow us to densify our workstations so we can make room for an amazing and hip new co-working space!