Hopes and Fears

As part of the re-boot (or re-start) to our Office Re/Fresh, the team asked the Boston studio to outline their “Hopes and Fears” about the project, and, as the #1 Re/Fresh Ambassador, I have been tracking them all. My inbox is full of thoughtful comments and ideas!

Lisa is outlining our Hopes+Fears brainstorming exercise for the studio.

Lisa is outlining our Hopes+Fears brainstorming exercise for the studio.

Our active brainstorming wall!

Our active brainstorming wall!

One response to our “Hopes and Fears” brainstorming exercise revealed a “hope” that this new way of working will be a fresh start and provide us with a flexible and integrated practice with better communication between teams. Fantastic, that would be a great outcome! Some “fears” touched on team members not embracing the change, and the possible lack of personal storage. I get it, most of us have lots of very important stuff! Perhaps the most telling was a fear that the project “will never happen” after the long delays in 2018. A challenge to the design team to implement a successful Re/Fresh project, and now… clocks tickin’!

Here’s a SUMMARY from our workshop:

// HOPES //

  • Everyone will get on board and EMBRACE THIS CHANGE | Noticeable change that makes this all worth it

  • Less stuff | Visually cleaner office | FRESH START | Cleaner office

  • People will enjoy working in the office more


  • Better communication between teams/practice areas

  • Individuals having the ability to get out of a “team bubble”

  • RECRUIT more talented professionals to the office

  • Walk the walk not just talk the talk” with unassigned seating and an agile workspace

  • More Phone booths – not just one!

  • More meeting spaces | More collaboration | Spaces for small meetings

  • Fully equipped Mothers Room

// FEARS //

  • Staff members resistant to change | Others not excited to work in new way

  • “Camping” | People will sit in the same place every day

  • More clutter | The office will somehow get messy | DIRTY DESKS

  • NOT ENOUGH STORAGE | personal, CA and team

  • Not enough technology | Need TECHNOLOGY upgrades | dedicated VR space

  • Technical issues as a mobile worker | Connectivity for laptops

  • Not finding a seat in the team area | Looking for a seat everyday

  • Lack of or inconsistent access to double monitors

  • Loss of comfort without personal space