Workshop I: Brainstorm

We asked our office "How can your office help you lead, learn, live, play, and work your best?"


Workshop II: Emerging THemes

In Workshop I, we heard a lot about flexibility, learning tools + technology, worksettings, identity, and culture. For our second all-office workshop, we looked at ways to enhance our space around these six themes.


Design discussion: Image Party

We asked everyone in the office to share images of office spaces that inspired them. We discussed these precedents together and are excited to incorporate the ideas into our design.


Workplace Strategy: A day in the life

Director of Operations Tom Grimble asked the office to answer a simple question: What's a day in your life? The catch: Answer only with sketches. Click through to see what we came up with.

20180209_Office ReFresh Decluttering_DSC8677.jpg

Pilot program Decluttering event

One of our teams recently condensed their pod of desks from 5 per side to 6 per side - a feat requiring some serious de-cluttering. Click through for some of the quirky (read: hilarious) items we found