We are on a mission to re-fresh, re-think,
and re-invigorate our workspace.

Welcome to reBoston, the home of the Perkins+Will Boston Office Re/Fresh. Here, we will share our process, insights, missteps, and growth as we work to optimize our workspace. Follow our progress on social media with hashtag #PWReBoston.

We are the Boston office of Perkins+Will, an interdisciplinary, research-based architecture and design firm. Founded on the belief that design has the power to transform lives and enhance communities, we collaborate with clients all over the world to create healthy, sustainable places in which to live, learn, work, play, and heal.


Our people are what makes us great. Every week, read a new blog post from someone at Perkins+Will Boston and their take on our Re/Fresh. Topics will range from cultivating wellness and relaxation to creating spaces for making and innovation.


If you want an innovative solution, you need to re-invent the process. That's why we're moving past precedents and tapping our Director of Business Development, Human Resources Manager, and a Project Manager to lead this process. Beyond Brigitte, Kim, and Yanel, we're engaging the entire office, from intern to director, to share their valuable ideas.


Brigitte Beltran, MCR.w

Director of Business Development

Brigitte is our fearless leader of Business Development. She has a pulse on the latest trends in our industry and beyond, knowing what our clients need and bringing that expertise to us. 


Kim WOng

Human Resources Manager

As Manager of Human Resources, Kim knows that everyone has their own distinct style. Her goal is to enhance our space so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive.


yanel de angel, aia, leed ap bd+c, cphc

Associate Principal, Project Manager

An undisputed expert in managing large and complex projects, Yanel is an enthusistic leader for the Office Re/Fresh. She is able to hear a variety of ideas and distill them to identify best way forward.


We're using a variety of tools, like workshops, change management, and workplace strategies, to uncover our best office. Browse recaps of our process below.


Workshop I: Brainstorm

We asked our office "How can your office help you lead, learn, live, play, and work your best?" 


Workshop II: Emerging themes

In Workshop I, we heard a lot about flexibility, learning tools + technology, worksettings, identity, and culture. For our second all-office workshop, we looked at ways to enhance our space around these six themes.


Design Discussion: Image Party

We asked everyone in the office to share images of office spaces that inspired them. We discussed these precedents together and are excited to incorporate the ideas into our design.


Workplace Strategy: A Day in the life

Director of Operations Tom Grimble asked the office to answer a simple question: What's a day in your life? The catch: Answer only with sketches. Click through to see what we came up with.