Workshop II: Emerging Themes

November 30, 2017


Groups identified challenges and opportunities on the six themes that resulted from Workshop I.


  • Challenge team de-silo idea
  • New culture around work from home program / flex time.
  • Clutter with samples and filing cabinets.

Learning Tools and Technology 

  • Expose technology in the office: Permanent VR setup.
  • Pair people up so they can learn from one another.
  • Collaboration space to draw

Work settings

  • No diversity and flexibility of spaces. 6X6 work stations
  • Project wall with team breakout tables
  • Lighting is weak

Image and Identity 

  • Corporate feel office. Needs to be more a studio feel
  • Brand identity in lobby and others: The reception location is unclear and there is a barrier with the rest of the office. No sense of energy in the office from visitor’s experience
  • Display our core values in the physical space

Space Planning

  • Need to define critical adjacencies with as an example the adjacency of collaboration spaces (diversity and flexibility) vs workstations. The following two main issues emerged:
    • Glare for those seating in the perimeter
    • Not taking advantage of the views (collaboration along the edge to borough daylight and enjoy views).
  • Neighborhoods should not be by market sectors. IDP as a model for teams co-location
  •  Uniform configuration, not flexible.

Culture and Engagement 

  • Learning / Teaching: calendar to show case learning opportunities aligned thematically.
  •  Teaching opportunity open to anyone who wants to share knowledge. Those should be curated.
  •  Consider removing title in signature for Arch 1, 2, and 3s.